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Our Solutions

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Employee Health and Safety

- Pulse Checks 

  • Increase visibility to employee wellness by daily or weekly pulse checks

  • Using simple reminders and quick form based entry.

  • System also allows for "no change" entry if no material change has occurred

  • Triage issues/cases based on pre-defined rules and logic

  • Route requests to right person/team for timely action

Employee Health and Safety

- Confidence Survey

  • Obtain insight on your company's response and implemented programs/policies

  • Gather feedback on upcoming initiatives

Application Taking System

  • Implement an online Application Taking System (ATS) for fraction of cost of an ERP and Automate your recruitment process

  • Get candidates to complete the application right in your ATS through simple Integration with job boards such as Indeed

  • Track the entire application to onboarding process in a cloud based system with real-time access for all your team members

  • Enable reports for hiring mangers and automate the process of shortlisting, candidate review and interviews

  • Generate reports and dashboards and see status in real-time by department, hiring manager, job and other criteria

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