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Construction and Engineering
Deficiency Dashboard
Deficiency Dashboard

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Safety Solution - Safety Training
Safety Solution - Safety Training

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Design Dashboard
Design Dashboard

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Deficiency Dashboard
Deficiency Dashboard

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Our Solutions

Site Check-in

  • Use simple QR code based check-in for workers on-site

  • Report/update site supervisor who is checked in by job function and sub

  • Inform head office of workers on-site to manage Egress in an event of a emergency

    Compliance Training 

  • Simplify onboarding by managing and tracking compliance training centrally

  • Provide automatic reminders to staff for pending/new training requirements

  • Generate reports for authorities and leadership teams

Safety Opportunity

  • Provide workers with a simple and quick way to report safety opportunities 

  • Triage opportunities to the right team/individual for timely action

  • Report KPI, Trends and Stats using Charts and Dashboards

   Key Performance Indicators 

  • ...

  • Manage all construction KPI using a central reporting tool

  • View data visually and get real-time actionable insight

Quality Assessments

  • Empower staff on-site to complete quality assessments/ITPs

  • Track progress and report on variance

  • Ensure opportunities are planned and addressed

Environmental Inspection

  • Report/Identify any environmental incidents

  • Identify indicators using dashboards for trends

  • Quickly identify and resolve safety, compliance, and health issues

Deficiency Software

  • Identify and record deficiency through mobile app on-site. Capture photos to show deficiency opportunities

  • Prioritize, plan and track deficiencies to closure by tracking tasks, responsibilities, dates, and status

  • Monitor progress through reports and dashboards


  • Empower your field staff to complete inspection and audits on the field by completing checklists and identifying deficiencies

  • Follow-up and track on incomplete items and deficiencies

  • Roll-up data from individual quality and audit assessment to see the bigger picture by site or at project level

  • Obtain real-time progress and results through desktop and mobile dashboards


  • Collaborate on designs between various parties (Subs) using a cloud based solution to ensure design is complete and ready to review/approval

  • Add comments and attachments to design elements

  • Obtain online approvals and signatures remotely and move work forward

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